Transparency within our supply chain is very important to us. Substantial improvements require insight: we need to know where and how all our products are produced. Identifying and improving the supply chain is a prerequisite for doing our due diligence and taking responsibility and minimizing potential negative social and environmental risks.

To better understand that chain, we asked RethinkRebels in 2022 to conduct a sustainable business scan to identify, understand and manage challenges, implement more sustainable practices and set goals for the future and generate more transparency. Those conclusions show that our fabric and garment manufacturers have 100% traceability and the supply chain of our raw material processing and manufacturing has a 60% traceability. We aim to increase this traceability to 100% to Tier 4 by the end of 2025 (see figure)

To ensure that the RPET is truly recycled and made from post-consumer plastic, we work with garment suppliers that are GRS certified. This is a very strict certification process with a thorough chain of custody, and from MAIUM we verify the GRS certificates of each production.

Our goal for 2023/2024 is to become GRS-certified as a brand as well, to ensure the end-to-end production and supply chain under GRS certification.

75% of our garment production suppliers are BSCI members to ensure fair, safe and healthy working conditions. The goal is to improve this to 100% by 2024.

From start to finish, we want our products and processes to be honest, transparent and straightforward. When it comes to taking responsibility, sharing our brand's journey with our customers is high on the priority list. It is also in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Maium supports responsible consumption and production (Goal 12).