The fashion industry's overproduction is a major environmental challenge and we refuse to exacerbate that problem. Even though growth ambitions are an inherent part of our strategy, production supply is seamlessly tailored to demand - overproduction or deadstock is not in our dictionary. Part of our collection is permanent, meaning it will be carried over from season to season, which allows us to minimize overstock being idle for too long. The seasonal collection is only produced on demand.

We are focused on developing long term partnerships with our production teams and consider it to be  a joint effort to improve the durability and quality of our products. We accomplish this by visiting our factories on regular basis to learn more about how and where opportunities can develop - unfortunately, due to COVID restrictions we have not been able to visit as often as we had liked, but fortunately were able to do all communications nearly as well with local representatives, through online meetings and via email.

In search of production facilities close to the source of raw materials we have ended up in the Hebei province in China. Factories in this area are widely known for their best-in-class and unparalleled production techniques in outerwear production, particularly waterproof garments.

In 2021 we have executed a baseline emissions measurement, and started partnerships to reduce and offset our CO2 emissions of our entire value chain. As part of this effort, we are working together with the Eden Reforestation Projects who are planting a tree for each piece of garment we produce. Eden operates in 10 project countries around the world and plants nearly a million trees per day, while maintaining planting levels, even faced with civic unrest, extreme weather and other disruptions. As they restore the forest canopy, leaf little, water and wildlife return and nature begins to heal. Meanwhile, communities that are facing extreme poverty are given new opportunities at economic self-sufficiency, improved health and education.