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Sustainable shipping

Nowadays a lot of products are sustainable and ecological conscious. What about the logistics waste that is little talked about?

The product is on sale online, it is bought and two days later it is neatly at the door. The question is what actually happens until it reaches the consumer. The ignorance of how and under what circumstances a product appears at home remains a mystery for the increasingly transparent society. There is more and more talk about topics such as CO2 emissions, recycling and reuse and the sustainability label is increasingly linked to a product. The Dutch government is slowly making various aspects more sustainable and more and more new companies are happy to contribute to this. At home, people are still left with all the wrapped packaging, for example, and with the question why so much plastic or cardboard is used for the products.

New companies are coming up with sustainable packaging solutions, for example, the burning sector of e-commerce, such as the Repack initiative. Repack is experiencing a need from online shoppers looking for sustainable packaging waste options. As a solution against disposable packaging, Repack designs envelopes that are taken back after their function via letterboxes worldwide, after which the envelopes are checked, cleaned and reused. This reduces CO2 emissions and waste.  Another company where this solution can be found is Packoorang. Together, these new companies believe that this is a way to make the irreversible global e-commerce behavior a step more sustainable.

The Box is also a smart way to make the globalizing and growing market of e-commerce more sustainable. Self-locking systems and digital address displays allow users to easily control delivery and improve product safety. It solves the problem of disposable packaging, but also the risk of damage, theft and loss of products.

Per person, 30 kilos of plastic packaging material is thrown away every year in the Netherlands, of which only 37% is recycled. Other material is simply incinerated. It is apparently a difficult issue to ensure that the products are 100% ecologically circular.

Maium sees opportunities in this and is taking the step to make packaging material more sustainable. Maium’s ecological and practical solution cannot be missed due to the stylish look and feel of the new mailing bag. A product ordered from Maium will now be shipped in the shipping bag made from 22 recycled PET bottles. When the consumer decides to keep the item, the shipping bag can be used as a handy bag. In this way a new life is created for the normal waste of the article. If the consumer decides not to keep the item, it can easily be returned with the shipping bag and the associated tie wrap. When the shipping bag is returned, it will be checked, cleaned and reused just like the initiatives above.

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