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Insight of recycling

Awareness of environmental pollution is becoming more and more intensive. Alternative projects and materials are a decisive factor in solving this, including Maium.

In the hectic and modern society, there is no daily record of how much the world is polluted by for example overproduction or overpopulation. Through means of transparency and rational thinking, alternative sustainable projects can be devised that combat this extreme pollution.

In this way, confidence in society and the future of people and nature is gradually being restored and simultaneously an empathy for nature is constructed.

In the food and clothing industry, several innovative initiatives have emerged in recent years to reunite people and nature. Due to the awareness of these polluting industries, research continues to be done for solutions. One of the initiatives mentioned above is the creation of fabrics through natural products. Natural Fiber Welding mainly designs fabrics with the transition from petroleum to plants through its strength and diversity. NFW uses plants as a basis for leather and cotton fabrics. One X One is committed to carbon neutral material use and algae research. The makers Phillip Lim and Charlotte McCurdy aim to create a workable and livable future.

The amount of plastic the world produces has exponentially increased over time, and is still growing. A sustainable alternative is to use PET bottles as raw materials input for recycled polyester, which is called polyester PET. By collecting transparent plastic water bottles and converting them into a durable fabric, many of the disadvantages of polyester can be overcome. “We try to improve our ecological footprint with every collection,” says Anita Palacios, co-founder. The collected PET bottles are sterilized, dried and grounded into small balls. These balls are then heated and woven into threads. The threads are wound on spools that are given a fluffy texture by a machine. The yarn is packaged, dyed and made into polyester fabric. Meanwhile, the fabrics for Maium are made waterproof in the process. Converting PET to recycled polyester takes 33-53% less energy. The substance reduces dependency on petroleum and pollutes less. “Raincoats protect us from the elements. At Maium we therefore see it as our task to protect the elements against our people and our influences”, Anita and Hendrik, founders of Maium. Durability and protection against water is Maium’s number one priority.

After all the years of polluting nature, we have come to a point where we want to restore and recognize it as much as possible. Our infrastructure must find harmony between modern society and the dying flora and fauna. The balance between humanity and the environment needs to be restored.

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