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From indoor to outdoor

Humanity has been whirling through various events for years, but this past year has been particularly special as our needs have changed dramatically.

Last year seems like a vague dream to many. It made us reflect on issues not normally addressed and demanded the utmost from flexibility and patience. We as humans don’t really like change all that much, but have tried to make last year as livable as possible. The home-situation, including leisure and privacy, was intertwined with work. Health issues are playing a key role in policies directed towards current as well as future states of our society. The Netherlands is already known for being focused on cycling and walking, but appreciation has risen for these ways of transport throughout the world.

Much attention has been paid to a combination of comfort and movement. One of the developments is Exercise Through Navigation created by Mathijs van Gageldonk. “I wandered through the city and was looking for a way to process movement in public spaces and daily routine,” says Mathijs. He responds to lifestyle diseases by implementing multifunctional gym furniture on train platforms. In modern society habits can arise from exercising in the daily routine. 

In addition to physical health, the way people dress has changed and designers seize creative thoughts for opportunities. For example, Rebecca Zhou and David McGillivray made a comfortable coat to sit on the couch at home that you can also wear when you quickly have to let the dog out. It is practically a “home coat” that serves as a blanket and jacket in one.  

In addition to experiencing more convenience and comfort, there is an active search for the connection with the outside. The year 2021, for example, counts a million more campers after the corona crisis who enjoy the outdoors. This requires practical and light clothing that can easily be taken with you while camping, hiking and discovery tours. This summer, Maium will launch the Poncho, which embraces our connection with the outside. Thanks to the practical built-in pouch, the Poncho can be taken anywhere and can be used as a waterproof layer while moving through the unpredictable climate. The poncho is made from 77 recycled PET bottles, which makes the jacket a sustainable option.

It is interesting to see how people’s needs and lifestyles are changing in line with recent events. Thankfully, humans are increasingly flexible and will mix more and more activities in the future.

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