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We are committed to continuously search for durable and sustainable alternatives in production techniques, fabrics and raw materials. The fashion industry is one of the most environmentally harmful industries in the world, which is why it is crucial that forward thinking designers combine fashion and design to create sustainable, functional and timeless alternatives. Rainwear by definition is designed to protect us from the elements, we have incorporated sustainable design practices in an attempt to restore the link to nature, proving that fashion and innovation doesn’t have to cost the earth.

Our raincoats are made from recycled plastic. Our polybags are biodegradable. We use recycled, reused and reusable carton boxes. Even our lining and taping is made from recycled materials. None of our garments hold any animal products.


In 2022 we will recycle more than a million (yes 1.000.000) plastic bottles into our raincoats. Over the next 2 years we expect to grow to a level where we recycle 5 million plastic bottles each year. Even though growth ambitions are an inherent part of our strategy, production supply is seamlessly tailored to demand.

In line with the shared blueprint as defined in the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals, Maium adopts practices to strive for, Gender Equality (5), Decent work and economic growth (8), Industry Innovation and Infrastructure (9), Sustainable Cities and Communities (11) and Responsible consumption and production (12).


Care and Repair

In order to give you a maximum use of your Maium. Wash at 30 degrees. Please pay attention: do not wash the Puffer and Lightweight Puffer. Hang out after use. No ironing. No dryer. Do not store whilst still wet. If due to unlikely circumstances you encounter a production error which falls under the full year warranty, you can always exchange your raincoat and we will give it a second life.

Eden Reforestation Projects

In collaboration with the Eden Reforestation Projects, Maium plants more than 10,000 trees per year. This way we offset our C02 emissions and make a positive contribution to biodiversity. For more information –

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