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7% is not enough

The ocean falls victim to human waste, primarily from single-use plastic. Dopper and Maium are working together to save more than just the 7% (EU directive) of this waste from the oceans.

Our world is defined by borders, but one space remains open to everyone, the ocean. Unfortunately it’s lawless position is being abused here. The ocean is the garbage dump of the waste and falls victim to overfishing. From the UN’s demand and the inspiration about a community garden at sea, Noor Bootsma has explored how this small-scale initiative can shape our global political system. Noor has developed an ocean management system that resembles aspects of a community garden called Common Waters. Together we believe that educating problems in unique and visual ways can transform individual behavioral change and systematic change. Time is running out for our oceans. 

On the coast of the Tasmanian Island, the innovative Wave Swell Energy technology, created by co-founder Tom Denniss, has been tested. This is a technology to incorporate wave energy as a more sustainable alternative to energy generation. An artificial blowhole, the OWC, consists of a chamber that runs below the waterline. Through the OWC, the water rises and falls, forcing air past a turbine at the top of the chamber. The turbine generates electricity in this way. Another reason why we should love the ocean. 

It is fundamental to society that we find a way to support natural systems. More and more awareness is being created about ourselves, the other and the world, but a lot of targeted communication and representation is still missing. It is a courageous search for a way to express this and make it accessible to everyone. This month we are taking action in collaboration with Dopper for exactly this reason.

On 3 July 2021, the single-use plastic legislation will come into effect in Europe. It states that disposable plastic products will be banned if there is a sustainable and affordable alternative. In reality, this will only improve 7% of disposable plastic products in the oceans of 27 million tons per year by 2040. That is why we are teaming up with Dopper, and you can participate in this too! You won’t be just a drop in the ocean: you will be a drop in a massive wave. A wave powerful enough to turn the tide. Forceful enough to wash away the plastic trash. A wave with enough impact to actually save our oceans.

Why would you want to sign this? The EU directive includes; “Single use plastic items found in large numbers on beaches in Europe that have alternatives that are easy and affordable to replace”. Plastic bottles are not part of the directive, while plastic bottles are one of the most common products on European beaches. In addition, high-quality drinking water is available throughout Europe. As a sustainable company, we want to help you eliminate all single-use plastic packaging for water from the EU, simply because it isn’t not necessary.

Support the wave here and sign the fight against plastic pollution.

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